Common Bermuda grass (Cynodon dactylon) is a medium green, medium- to fine-textured turf. The grass roots deeply and spreads quickly, making it heat- and drought-tolerant. The rapid spreading can cause a problem of invasion into unwanted areas if not kept in check. This turf has excellent wearability, however, it doesn’t do well in shade and turns brown in winter until daytime temperatures reach a consistent 60 degrees F. Common Bermuda grass grows well in poor soils.


  • Tifway (419)– dark green, fine texture, dense.  It is also highly recommended for lawns, making Tifway a versatile variety of bermuda grass.  

    We can deliver Tifway sod in either rolls or squares.  Orders over 15 pallets are eligiable for a discount on the Drop Fee. Use promo code DROPFEE15 at checkout to apply this discount.